First trillionaire to fly from KSC?

DATE: 3/12/2015

Washington has done something really good.

It's the first piece of legislation in eight to 12 years that will enable the commercial market to take off.

It extends the International Space Station to 2024. Which is essential, because Boeing and SpaceX need to know they have a fair amount of time to recover their investments of their own money in the commercial-crew missions.

It puts pressure on NASA and the Air Force to work with the FAA to become even more commercially friendly.

Long-term, it provides clarity to the title of minerals that would be mined on asteroids and on the moon. Investors need to know that if they go up and mine a trillion dollars in platinum from an asteroid and bring it back to earth, that the market's going to recognize it as their property.

Kudos to the Florida delegation. Sen. Marco Rubio also sits on the space subcommittee. Congressman Posey pushed that asteroid-property-rights clarification.


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