How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Brands Create Ads Just For You

IBM and the Havas Group have launched Havas Cognitive to give marketers Watson's cognitive computing power.

Consider all the information about your likes, dislikes, wants, needs, and behavior that are out in the world. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, apps, games, or any other digital interaction, it amounts to a giant pile of data just about you. So, in this world of big data and targeted advertising, why do you still see diaper ads when you don't have a baby?

It's a silly example, sure, but the point is, as much as brands know about us, there are still far too many irrelevant marketing messages poisoning our eyeballs. But a new partnership between IBM and Havas Group aims to change that. The two companies have launched a new division called Havas Cognitive, which uses the cognitive computing power of IBM Watson to help brands develop marketing campaigns and products better tailored to individual consumers.


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