Most Germans want enhanced video surveillance after Berlin Christmas market attack – poll

DATE: 26/12/2016

 Sixty percent of Germans want enhanced video surveillance in public spaces, according to a new YouGov poll conducted following an attack in Berlin in which a truck plowed into crowds at a Christmas market, killing 12 and injuring dozens.

As many as 73 percent of poll respondents also want police ranks to be beefed up, while 61 percent say providing police with better equipment is a must, according to n-tv news channel.

A total of 2,083 people took part in the YouGov survey conducted on December 21-23 for German news agency dpa.

One in two respondents taking part in the YouGov survey also called for the Bundeswehr, Germany’s armed forces, to get more involved in the event of a terrorist attack. Currently, soldiers may only be deployed when police ask for help to deal with major incidents.


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