The Future Belongs To Leaders Who Get Artificial Intelligence

6 steps to become 10 times smarter with Artificial Intelligence.


Atanu Basu is the founder of Ayata, which uses artificial intelligence software to improve mission-critical processes for Fortune 500 companies in oil & gas, high-tech, and other industries. Ayata was started in 2009 after receiving a grant from the State of Texas to commercialize its research.

Michael Simmons is the co-founder of Empact and a bestselling author who has contributed to Time, Forbes, and the Harvard Business Review.

Overnight on October 14, 2015, Tesla introduced an semi-autonomous driving system for owners of the Model S. Within a day, owners began uploading videos of themselves being driven around.

You can see the fear wash over people's faces when cars slow down in front of them or the Model S automatically changes lanes.

They brace themselves for impact. They freeze and pray.

You can tell that part of them just wants to throw their hands on the steering wheel and take over.

But slowly, as the car makes the right choices over and over, the human drivers slowly relax and enjoy the experience. And some of them even seem to forget that they're being driven around by a car: something that wasn't possible only hours before.

This journey from surprise, to fear, to life-as-usual is something that we're all going to experience over and over, as software algorithms take over decisions that we previously thought only humans could do. We call this the surprise-fear-embrace curve.

How we as companies, entrepreneurs, and executives navigate this curve will have a major impact on our career success.

The Barrier That Stops Leaders From Thriving In The World Of Artificial Intelligence

Arguably the largest barrier to navigating the curve is learning how to NOT trust our intuition.

Imagine spending your whole career learning a skill and becoming world class at it. Let's say that you're able to spot star employees during the hiring process.


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