What If Aliens Are AI, Not Extraterrestrial? Experts Share Thoughts, Potential Risks

DATE: 20/12/2016

What if man isn't the greatest intelligence in the universe? This is a question we have all been pondering upon for decades, but it may appear "aliens in space" may not hold the answer.


However, Schneider said what we're experiencing today may be experienced by others in the universe. The transition from biological to synthetic intelligence may be a "general" pattern instantiated over and over throughout the cosmos.

She added the better term to be used may be "postbiological" than just "artificial" because the difference between biological and snythetic isn't very clear. The point is, there is no reason to expect humans to be the "highest form" of intelligence when we are in fact making things smarter than ourselves.


However, it's helpful to realize that this means alien AI may be more hostile than we think. Biological aliens may not have good intentions, but an extraterrestrial AI could be an even greater threat, as it may have goals that conflict with the preservation of human life. 

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