China wages cyber war via dharamsala

DATE: 25/12/2016
RETRIEVED: 04/01/2016

With a view to malign the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), China is remotely accessing the computer servers in Dharamsala, planting spywares and malwares and disguising the IP address to target computer systems across the globe, said Prime Minister of Central Tibetan Administration Dr Lobsang Sangay.

“China is also seeking to drive a wedge between CTA and foreign governments by infecting our computer systems. Efforts are on to secure the servers in Dharamsala which is used by the Chinese as a transit point to launch cyber attacks globally,” Sangay told The Sunday Standard.

He said a major study on malware attacks against Tibetans conducted by Munk School of Global Affairs at the Toronto University reported that the attacks on the servers and computer system of CTA are “highly targeted and have low anti-virus detection”.  

Intelligence officials say the need of the hour is to develop an indigenous operating systems (OS) for mobile phones and computers as the MS Window-based systems or even the Safari OS used in iPhones and Mac computers could be susceptible to attacks.


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