Lenovo enters smart glasses fray, targets business, augmented reality, June availability

DATE: 03/01/2017
RETRIEVED: 03/01/2017

According to Lenovo, New Glass C200 is designed to leverage artificial intelligence and augmented reality. In a nutshell, Lenovo sees smart glasses as a way to bring analytics and data to the small screen in a wearable.

C200 is a modular system that includes a smart glass and pocket unit. The Glass Unit weighs in at less than 60 grams and uses one eye. This design approach will reportedly enhance mixed reality perception. The Glass Unit uses an app and plugs into the Pocket Unit to boost performance. There are also accessories to carry the units on belts as well as in a pocket.

The use cases for Lenovo's smart glasses gear rhymes with other implementations. For businesses, training, remote repair, directions and troubleshooting deliver quick returns.



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