New Chinese Law on Cybersecurity Will Increase Censorship & Data Surveillance

DATE: 04/01/2017
RETRIEVED: 04/01/2017

The Chinese government passed a new set of regulations that will tighten existing policies on censorship and data surveillance. From June 1 and onward, outflow of any kind of personal and important data will be restricted and censored by key information infrastructure operators (KILO).

Network operators and internet service providers also fall under the newly proposed regulatory regime, and as a result are obligated to impose new security and data protection systems.


With the new regulatory framework in place, ISPs and telecommunication companies will be legally allowed to censor and observe “any system comprising computers or other information terminals and related equipment for collection, storage, transmission, exchange and processing of information.”

Websites and platforms that store personal or financial data will most likely be required by the central government to censor and restrict the flow of information, depending on the certain situations. The document emphasizes that by law, website owners or operators are considered as network operators and thus are obligated to pass on necessary information to the government.


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