Personal genome testing: The ultimate quantified self

Taking personal metrics to the next level with genealogical DNA home-kits

DATE: 12/02/2016
RETRIEVED: 04/01/2017

The National Human Genome Research Institute set a target to be able to sequence a human-sized genome for $100,000 by 2009. By the end of 2014 the cost was less than $1,000. Nowadays, as mentioned – £125 gets you a pretty comprehensive set of results through the post.

"The information can affect the user's life in a pretty meaningful way," Erynn Gordon, medical marketing director of 23andMe told me. "One of the most meaningful pieces of information from what people get back is their results related to drug response."

"There is a lot of discussion debating, as we progress towards whole genome sequencing, what is the right point of life to do that. If it's done in the newborn period, you can go through life with a wallet of genetic information that can tapped and access at key points in your life as appropriate."


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