Police in Bengaluru urged to investigate New Year attacks on women

DATE: 03/01/2017
RETRIEVED: 04/01/2017

Reports of sexual assaults on women revellers at New Year's Eve celebrations in Bengaluru have spurred women's rights activists to demand that police investigate.

The attacks, reminiscent of those blamed on migrants in German cities last year, shocked many Indians, since Bengaluru, home to many well-educated professionals, is regarded as safer for women than the capital, New Delhi.

Several women were groped and assaulted by a mob in the city's central business district on Dec. 31 as they celebrated, according to a Reuters witness and a report in the Bangalore Mirror newspaper.

Sex crimes are common in India, where the National Crime Record Bureau says more than 34,000 rapes were reported in all in 2015, although women sometimes do not report assaults for fear of the associated social stigma.



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