The WHO has a plan to save the world from the next pandemic—but it doesn’t have the money

DATE: 02/01/2017
RETRIEVED: 03/01/2017

As a new year begins, the WHO is beginning to implement a new pandemic preparedness plan, so that countries around the world are ready for the next Ebola or Zika. Step one in that plan is the creation of the Emerging Diseases Clinical Assessment and Response Network (EDCARN), intended to help caretakers during an outbreak.

But for the WHO to implement its new health-emergencies program in 2016-17—of which EDCARN is a part—the agency needs $485 million in funding. As of October (pdf), they had raised just over half that. Worse, the organization also needs $656 million to support its humanitarian response plans, but as of October had only raised a third.


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