Asteroid Mining News: Luxembourg Partners With Deep Space Industries For Prospector-X Mission

DATE: 05/05/216

The first trillionaire could be an asteroid prospector, if you believe entrepreneur Paul Diamandis. Asteroid mining is very much in its infancy, but Luxembourg wants to get in on the ground floor. Deep Space Industries and the government of the small European grand duchy announced Thursday a partnership that will help advance the technology required for spacecraft to mine highly valuable asteroids.

Prospector-X, the partnership between Luxembourg and Deep Space Industries, will be a research and development mission exploring experimental technologies that could be used in future asteroid mining missions. "The opportunity to partner with Luxembourg on Prospector-X allows a number of the key technologies for cost-effective deep space operations to be rapidly flight-tested in advance of more complex missions," Daniel Faber, CEO of Deep Space Industries, said in a statement. Luxembourg's space resources initiative was revealed in February. In its attempts to enter the asteroid mining industry, the tiny country is seeking partnerships with Planetary Resources — backed by the likes of Google founder and CEO of Alphabet Larry Page, Alphabet Chairman Eric Schmidt and Sir Richard Branson — and Deep Space Industries, with a headquarters on its territory.


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