Overpopulation: Where Do We Put the Next Billion Humans

DATE: 03/12/2016
AUTHOR: Cecille De Jesus
SOURCE: Futurism

Too Many People?

August 8 this year marked the Earth Overshoot Day, which essentially means that we have officially consumed far more than the Earth can replenish in a year. The Global Footprint Network estimates that the current population requires resources equivalent to that of over 1.6 Earths. And the UN projects that our population may balloon to upwards of 8.5 billion by 2030.

As the population grows, more and more lands are allocated for urbanization, taking up resources that could be used for agriculture and vegetation. On top of this, the wastes and pollution resulting from human activity speeds up the degradation and deterioration of resources.

Harvard University Graduate School of Design research professor Richard Forman and professor of sustainability science at Arizona State University Jianguo Wu wrote a call for global and regional urban planning approaches. They say that existing communities are built in the wrong places,”places that should have been allocated for nature and agriculture.

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