China already a renewable energy superpower

DATE: 23/12/2016

In fact, a recent Climate Group report found that in 2014, China invested nearly US$90 billion in renewables, a third more than the previous year and nearly 73 percent more than the US.

China’s lead is not by chance. It is no doubt the result of strong leadership from the Chinese government and a wide range of supportive policy initiatives on clean, green technology.

As frustrating as the current smog events are, China’s investments will benefit the environment in the longer term.

And it is not not just the environment. The focus on technologies underpinning new ways to produce and use energy is assisting the expansion of China’s advanced manufacturing sector and opening up new export markets.

China leads the world in reducing the carbon intensity of its economy. In 2014/15, its carbon emissions per unit of GDP fell 6.4 percent, compared with a decline of 4.7 percent in the US and a 2 percent decrease in India.

China is proving that countries can have economic growth without increasing their carbon emissions.


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