Tesco lowers mobile prices - if you agree to watch adverts

Would you watch adverts to lower your mobile bill?

DATE: 15/07/2016

Tesco has launched an intriguing new mobile phone deal called Tesco Mobile Xtras. The idea is that you can opt to see adverts, deals and news when you unlock your phone - in return for lower monthly bills. It could be a brilliant way to cut your costs - alternatively it could be a real annoyance.

The idea is that every second or third time you unlock your phone, Tesco Mobile customers will see a static advert, details of a deal or some news or sport, before you get into the phone. In return, you'll have £3 a month subtracted from your bill. You'll also have an extra 200MB of data added to your monthly allowance for free - to take account of the extra data the adverts will use.

In addition to nationwide deals, the phones will also be able to use location services to offer you deals and discounts for nearby shops and services, which could prove useful.



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