World champion calls Google’s AlphaGo a “Go god” after defeat Technology

AlphaGo has beaten the reigning world Go champion in the first of three matches

Date: 23/05/2017

Last year the world’s top Go player said he would never be beaten by a machine. Today, Ke Jie has called Google’s AlphaGo AI a “Go god”, after losing in a tense match that is sure to be held as a watermark in the progress of artificial intelligence.

The 19-year-old Chinese world champion lost the first of three scheduled matches by only half a point – the closest margin possible in the game. It’s a narrow victory, but the result nevertheless sees AlphaGo take the lead ahead of final matches on Thursday and Saturday.

Ke complimented the AI’s strategy for making “all the stones work across the board”, but said the game had ultimately been a “horrible experience”.

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